What you will see in Istanbul Real Estate Summit 2017?

2nd CNR Real Estate Summit is an international platform that brings together the international real estate investors and financial advisors with the consciousness about the importance of construction and real estate industries are the vital assets for introducing Turkey to the world. Thus, 2nd CNR Real Estate Summit is a unique information platform for understanding and analysing the details of these two industries. The different business majors which are related with real estate and construction industries will meet up in 2nd CNR Real Estate Summit under “Turkey and Invest in Turkey” theme. 2nd CNR Real Estate Summit is supported by the well-experienced tourism agency - “Expo Tour” which is a sub-company of CNR Holding.

  • Eligible Institutional Investors
  • Branded Real Estate Projects
  • Commercial Real Estate Suppliers
  • Contractors and Facility / Asset Managements
  • Engineering Firms and Project Managers
  • Property Investment Funds and REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust)
  • Multilateral banks and Various Direct Investment Companies
  • Construction & Building Materials Manufacturers
  • Real Estate and Construction Regulatory Authorities
  • Governmental Bodies and Professional Real Estate Inspectors
  • Associations of the Commercial Real Estate Industry and NGO’s
  • International Companies in Training and Consulting For The Commercial Real Estate Industry
Professionals and representatives of real estate industry will meet up under the same roof with the “It’s the right time to invest in Turkey” theme. This meeting will be very beneficial and permanent promotion way for increasing foreign direct investment to Turkey’s real estate industry.